The premier combination of Lovell Hockey’s high level of expertise in player development, an extremely rigorous academic program, and brand-new, state of the art arena and academy facilities.

Why Choose Us

Lovell Academy is a boarding school that allows players to skate multiple hours a day, engage in sport specific off-ice training and conditioning, and focus on appropriately tailored nutrition plans for optimal physical development.

Lovell Academy

Our Vision

“The academy model is an offering for the hockey player that’s dedicated specifically to hockey … to train daily with a skill a day, an off-ice training session a day and a team practice a day. That’s our goal when we’re looking at the academy piece. Obviously, we all want to have competitive teams and play at a high level — that’s everyone’s goal — but the reality of it is, where are the kids developing Monday through Friday? And we feel we do it the best. If we can incorporate a strong academic structure, as well as what we offer on the ice, the kids are going to win out.”
Kevin Poulin
Lovell Academy Hockey Director

Lovell Academy & Lovell Arena Virtual Tour

Competitive Edge

The reality of the extremely competitive college and university admissions landscape necessitates that a student have more to offer beyond the prerequisite strong academic profile. The ability to play NCAA hockey is the additional element that makes student-athletes sought after and highly attractive candidates.

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