Student-Athlete Centered

Lovell Academy is specifically designed to educate elite hockey student-athletes.

Our schedule maximizes the opportunities for academic, athletic, and personal growth by providing block class periods, rink and training sessions, and study and social time each day.

Classes take place in person, which may be supported by remote learning during extended travel or tournaments.

Students will have consistent access to faculty and coaches on campus throughout the week.

Academics and hockey work together to support and reinforce growth, impelling student-athletes to transfer competencies and successes from the ice to the classroom and from the classroom to the ice.


Lovell Academy focuses on building students’ academic skill sets, emphasizing how to think and learn, rather than simply memorizing.

This process allows each student to build life-long competencies in critically needed higher order thinking skills. A key aspect of this approach is engaging a growth mindset, continually focusing students on their learning potential and supporting them in developing grit, resilience, and self-awareness. Graduates of Lovell Academy will be creative thinkers and problem-solvers who are ready to tackle college and beyond. 

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