Frequently Asked Questions

What is the application process?

A prospective student-athlete must submit a complete application including: personal responses to application questions, official transcripts and records sent directly from the applicant’s current school (including documentation of all academic services they receive or accommodation plans such as a 504 or IEP that may be in place), and 2 recommendations submitted directly by the applicant’s Math and English teachers. Recommendation forms will request responses to questions regarding the applicant’s ability to succeed in an academy setting.

How many courses does a Lovell Academy student take each year?

Students take an average of 6 courses including Science, Math, Language, English Literature, History/Cultural Studies and Arts.

How many classes does a student take per day?

Students take an average of 3 classes per day plus a study block, taught in blocks of approximately 80 minutes. The students’ academic schedules are tailored to fit around their skating and off-ice training schedules. Fridays include flex learning time to accommodate advising and independent work.

What is the average class size?

15-18 students

What are the foreign language options?

Spanish and French

Can Lovell Academy accommodate a student with learning disabilities or differences requiring a 504 Plan, IEP Plan, or other accommodations?

Yes, this can be possible, but must be decided on a case-by-case basis. After evaluating a student’s application, the school will determine whether it feels the teachers can support the necessary accommodations, or if the student can be successful with additional tutors hired by their family.

What if a student-athlete gets sick or injured?

Nurses are on-site during the day and on call at night and on weekends. A trainer or physical therapist at the arena is available to identify and treat any sports related injury.

Are student-athlete cars permitted on campus?

Coaches and chaperones have access to school passenger vans to transport players to off-site games, academic field trips, and other recreational activities. Students are not permitted to have vehicles on campus.

Why Lovell Academy

No other prep school or academy has the combination of Lovell Hockey’s high level of expertise in player development, an extremely rigorous academic program, and brand-new, state of the art arena and academy facilities.
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